One of the most challenging parts of getting older is the need for help and support in myriad activities of daily life. Families are sometimes far away, busy with children or careers, or the relationships may be complicated and make supporting a parent simply too difficult.

This is where I come in. You love your parent(s) and want them to get the best, the brightest, the most thoughtful, joyful, intuitive, skilled support possible. You want someone who could be you at your best with no buttons pushed, someone with sufficient time and endless patience.

I can help. In my experience, seniors need support in two distinct categories: daily life management and downsizing/moving.

Daily Life Management

I help seniors to manage all aspects of their daily lives. Two of the biggest challenges for seniors are a decline in memory and they are easily taken advantage of. I work closely with my clients to make sure important tasks and smaller but must-do tasks do not fall through the cracks. I make sure that they are not being preyed upon by membership or money requests from endless entities.  Together, my clients and I go over every piece of mail and I create systems that allow them to see what needs to be seen and help them take care of what needs to be addressed. No more late bill payment, packages left unreturned or appointments missed.

Room To Breathe services include:

  • Mail management

  • Bill payment

  • Return packages

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Driving/arranging transportation

  • Local errands

  • Attending Dr. appointments and recording visits

  • Calendar management

  • File system creation

In-home client meetings can take place weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly depending upon the individual circumstance.


When there are a lifetime of memories to sort through, and tough decisions to make, it can be an overwhelming task for seniors and their family members. Do my kids want these items? Do I donate them? Do I keep them? What do I store? What do I sell?

Navigating the many details and the accompanying emotions of moving a senior from his or her primary home to a smaller residence requires compassion, kindness, and a genuine interest in the stories and wisdom of someone who has lived a lifetime, all coupled with a clear goal and a path to move the process along.  I walk through the trenches with my seniors, all of their history, all of their things and work with them to prepare for the move as much as they need. This includes coordinating every detail and making sure their new home is completely set up for them on the day of the move -- art is hung, clothes put away, furniture is placed exactly where they expect it to be placed.  My hope is to bring a feeling of warmth and familiarity to a new apartment.

I am here to help with an array of downsizing services:

  • Sorting (what to keep, discard and give away)

  • Packing

  • Arranging for donations

  • Space planning for your new home

  • Entire move management including complete new home set-up

I work as closely with family members as desired, often providing progress updates after every session.